A Brit Milah to Remember

Inevitably, the birth of a baby boy brings a mix of intense emotions. As parents, you’re understandably thrilled with your new gift. But, with the excitement, gratitude and relief comes a fair amount of stress. From the moment your baby is born, you’ll start arranging for his brit milah. While every birth can leave a couple feeling frazzled, planning a brit on short notice can be particularly overwhelming. If you’ve recently been blessed with a boy, take steps to create a memorable event without losing your cool.

Initial Arrangements
Shortly after your baby is born, you’ll need to contact a mohel to perform the brit milah. The mohel will check your baby to determine his health status. If he determines that your baby is physically healthy enough to have his brit, you can inform friends and family that the brit milah will be on time. In some cases, the brit needs to be delayed beyond the customary eighth day.

Preparations for the Brit
The mohel will likely present you with a list of items that you will need for the brit, including a pillow, a sturdy chair for the sandek, kosher wine and diapers. At this point, you should also consider who you would like to honor at the brit. Familiarize yourself with the different positions of honor and create a list of potential honorees.

Contacting the Caterer
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