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Kosher Catering is an exclusive kosher catering Miami Service that administers a wide assortment of kosher options for all capacities of party or events. Kosher Miami Catering is a combined kosher planner and caterer aimed at planning, coordinating and serving any of your kosher needs no matter your destination of choice. Kosher catering service comprises three restaurants; Fresko, Kosh and Rustiko and they are all located in South Florida.

We have transformed the catering and events industry by offering exemplary services. Kosher Catering Miami will provide you with a distinct variety of dishes depending on your demands and resources. If you have an upcoming cocktail party and you want to surprise your family and guests with mouth-watering foods and drinks, Kosher Catering will offer you precisely what you need. Kosher Catering is appreciated due to our outstanding services and fresh food fixed by professional chefs.

The most thrilling news is that you don’t have to use the outlined menus, you can sit with us and together we can customize your excellent menu and event details from either of our restaurants in South Florida. We will plan the food and help you to check through the available venues for a wholly matched success of your cocktail party. We can arrange and serve a cocktail party for your designed number of guests. Our restaurants are also precise for your business meetings or company cocktail party; we have excellent customer care who will ensure all your needs are met on time. We will treat your guests with incredibly incomparable flavors and tastes from appetizers to desserts.

Our Restaurants
Kosher Catering Miami will serve you through either of our restaurants Fresko, Kosh and Rustiko. Fresko, located in Aventura, Florida, is famously recognized for its service that involves a fusion of flavorings. At Fresko, you will get a diversity of mouth-watering foods inspired by local cultures. You will enjoy a variety of Latin, Mediterranean, and Asian modified meals and enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Fresko has a very welcoming ambience for you to enjoy a party. You will be served with a uniquely appointed wine menu while bestowing your family or friends with a cordial and stimulating atmosphere.

Kosh is the best Kosher food located in Surfside, Florida, where we offer a wide range of cuisines. Kosh Restaurant will serve you and your guests’ pleasant delicacies you have not sampled yet; from Steakhouse favorites, Asian dishes and signature tapas. If you would like a comprehensive dining adventure at your party, Kosh has got you incorporated. Kosh has a very classy and outstanding space served with incredible meals cooked for you by experienced restaurateurs and chefs. You can come to Kosh, or we can come to you to complement your special celebrations by guaranteeing you a successful cocktail party. Kosh will bring that visionary party to reality at your ease and make your event a highlight among your guests.

Rustiko Kosher Catering Miami is located in Surfside, South Florida. We will offer you a variety of plates of pasta and pizza. Rustiko is well known as the Kosher Dairy Gourmet Artisan Bistro Restaurant. Depending on how you want your cocktail party to look like, you can have it all with Rustiko. You and your friends can enjoy royal gratification with food chosen either from the menu or custom prepared by experienced chefs at the restaurant or delivered to you. Rustiko offers Shabbat Meal accommodation for you, your friends and family after the cocktail party. The outstanding feature of Rustiko is that they own a particular section of meals that are not fried.

Our Menu and Events
Kosher Catering plans and prepares fine food while producing memorable events. We are recognized in South Florida to offer kosher restaurant rental in Miami. We will sit with you and decide with you on the ideal plan that suits your needs and budget. After our conversation, we will ensure you get the perfect restaurant rental in Miami.
You can check out all our three locations and choose that which is supreme regarding your preferred menu and location. The three restaurants serve different menus and so make sure you have chosen the authentic restaurant.

Each restaurant has a masterpiece of foods served. Kosh is exceptional at carrying out a stellar menu that includes a vast collection of wines, specialist cocktails and beers. Your cocktail party will be complemented with an orchestra to entertain your guests as they enter the agreed venue of your choice. Available locations can scale between your residential homes, your office, your preferred outdoor area or our restaurant.

Rustiko does things slightly differently; by offering an excellent encounter in a tranquil and comfortable space. Rustiko has a lovely tiled floor that will overwhelm you by bringing an Italian experience cocktail party in Southern Florida. Rustiko will offer you a traditional drink menu. We will serve you a legendary drink in chilled cups, with well-being and tea-infused mojitos.
At Fresko you can have the best family cocktail party. We have the perfect space, and the atmosphere is energizing for you to enjoy chilled and well planned evening, dinner or breakfast.

Kosher Miami Catering will offer you an amazingly unique encounter with delicious quality kosher foods and an incredible layout of drinks for you to choose your preferred one. Whichever restaurant you choose; you will have a tremendous kosher experience from the food served to the cooperation of our team. Kosher Miami Catering is also operated following the leadership of Mashgiach, which allows us to design for successful kosher events and still serve great food.


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