A Few Tips and Suggestions You Have To Keep In Mind For A Kosher-Conscious Retirement Party

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No matter what kind of retirement party you are hosting, it is imperative that you follow kosher rules for those in attendance. There are three types of kosher categories for a party: kosher dairy, kosher meat, and Pareve. Meat and dairy are not to be stored, prepared, and consumed(under any circumstances) together. The reason is that meat is taken in life(that means the animal dies in some form). Dairy is for life. That means milk is taken from a living animal.

The Kosher Kitchen and Setup
Anyone attending a retirement party who eats kosher foods is making a religious choice. There is a strong difference between a kosher diet and a vegan(or vegetarian) diet. Kosher eating is not made for dietary reasons. Once again, eating kosher has religious meanings behind it.

It’s important to know what type of retirement party this is. Is everyone attending kosher or just certain people? What kind of restrictions do those who are attending have?
You will have to have a kosher kitchen reserved and set up to accommodate those people. You should also consider what foods can be shipped in versus made from scratch. Remember, even the shipped in kosher foods have to follow the dietary laws 100%.

A great solution and resource is kosher catering Miami.

A Few Tips On Making Sure Everything is 100% Kosher
1) Concerning fish products, the fin and scales both qualify as kosher. Therefore, you need both to have a 100% kosher meal. That also means that shellfish is out.

2) Do you remember how we said that milk and meat are to be kept separate? That means you cannot serve milk with the meal. Once again, it is not allowed, according to kosher dietary laws to have milk sitting on the table next to the meat.

3) Eating utensils also need to be kosher. It’s important to consider your guests needs. Also, the kosher eating utensils can not(under any circumstances) touch non-kosher foods or utensils. It is similar to how some people cannot have their food touch each other on the plate.

Everything has to be separate.

Any utensil that touches a non-kosher food item or utensil will then be considered “tainted”. It is no longer kosher, and therefore, it cannot be used during the retirement party.

We know this might sound like lot of work, but Kosher Catering Miami will take care of every detail for your Kosher retirement party. From the Kosher Kitchen and setup, the Kosher Supervision and requirements, to mouthwatering, gourmet, strictly Kosher cuisine, they’ve got you covered.  They’ll  Make sure everything is 100% before and during the retirement party.

Final Suggestions
Our company is based here in South Miami and the greater Miami area. We look forward to sitting down with you to discuss your menu options for your kosher event in Miami.
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