A Personalized Touch, Offering a Variety of Options

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Personalization is the name of the game, and Kosher Miami Catering understands this. This catering service was ahead of the customizing trend and is quite skilled at personalizing kosher catering in Miami.

Why is Personalization Vital?
Personalization has become vital for companies across several industries, thanks to the internet.

People are getting used to businesses catering to them in a more personalized manner. Consider the way people watch television, which is catered to their preferences.

This is what you can expect from this service because we are here to make sure you are proud of the menu you create for your guests, no matter what kind of event you are planning.

We Personalize With a Variety of Options
The reason Kosher Miami Catering leads in kosher catering in South Florida is because they understood from the start that the only way to make each menu special is to ensure that customers had a lot of choices to choose from.

A Cultural Twist
Take the Kosh Modern Steakhouse, which is a restaurant in the heart of South Florida and one of the restaurants that have partnered with Kosher Miami Catering. This popular restaurant has made a splash by redefining several popular meals, such as their Chicken Soup. Part of what makes this particular dish special is that it is infused with flavors from Latin America, such as fresh cilantro and sweet corn.

Another interesting entry into the cooking hall of fame is the Caramel Salmon dish, which is definitely a delight to eat. This is wild caught salmon that has been encrusted with several surprising spices, like cinnamon, and sautéed in sweet potato puree and a honey-soy reduction.

Kosh also offers the Kamikasi Roll, which is a roll with spicy crab and ginger that is topped with a graceful amount of tuna and salmon. The roll also has a little ponzu sauce to finish off the dish.

Health Focused
Miami Catering offers another menu beside the one from Kosh because it has also partnered with Fresko. This gives clients the opportunity to choose healthy-focused kosher catering in Aventura because this restaurant loves to offer various takes on healthy meals, treats, and desserts. This gives clients the opportunity to surprise everyone with the catering choices because it’ll be something unexpected but very welcomed.

Fresko offers various options; for example, it offers several acai bowls like the Berrylicious Bowl. This bowl has berries, banana, and raw honey. It also has almond milk toppings, like granola, cacao nib, coco flakes, or chia seeds. This kind of dish would be perfect for people who want to be healthy; it is a great dish for the warmer seasons of the year when the only thing people want to eat is something refreshing.

This restaurant also offers a number of refreshments, such as the Strawberry Fashion, which is a smoothie made from strawberries, passion fruit, and creamy yogurt. Of course, there are other smoothie options and juices that could give a catering service a very colorful and refreshing touch.

Fresko also has a number of desserts to choose from to make sure clients can choose a few options to satisfy that sweet tooth that is bound to be common amongst guests at an event. Fresko offers options like croissants that could have a little cream cheese among many other toppings. The restaurant also offers Capresa and Cheese Bureka and a number of types of muffins.

Italian Favorites
Rustiko is another restaurant that has partnered with Miami Catering, and it gives clients more interesting choices, like pizzas baked in the wood stove for a taste that screams authenticity. One of the pizza options clients can choose is the Smoked Caprese Pizza, which has roasted tomatoes over mozzarella, smoked Gouda, and a touch of pesto.

An additional option to consider is the Goat Cheese Pizza, which is complete with mozzarella, goat cheese, chives, sweet red peppers, and roasted tomatoes. The blend of cheeses and ingredients makes this pizza unforgettable. Those who are a little more adventurous may want to consider something like the Eggs and Spinach Pizza, which has a creamy tomato sauce along with melted mozzarella. The whole pan pizza is topped with an over easy egg.

The Truffle Pizza is another wonderful choice that is just as adventurous as the Eggs and Spinach Pizza. This pizza has a creamy base that makes each bite feel like heaven. The pizza is topped with a mushroom mix, mozzarella, and a drizzle of truffle oil that completes the whole pizza.

Rustiko also offers a large Veggie Lasagna dish that could liven up any event as well as Fish and Chips made with a batter that is going to make each guest fall in love with this lovely snack. Clients can also order favorites, such as a Portabello Burger or the Spaghetti Squash from the restaurant.

Having these options makes a good catering service a special one. All of these restaurants will allow the catering menu to be truly personalized. Of course, the dishes mentioned are just some of the options available, but there are many more. Peruse through the menu to personalize the entire event.

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