A Special Britah For Your Special Baby Girl

A Special Britah For Your Special Baby Girl | Kosher Catering Miami
From the get-go, women have always been active in the development of the Jewish people. In fact, one hundred percent of all Jewish mothers are female. It stands to reason that the birth of a Jewish girl is cause for celebration.

The twentieth century hosted many, many changes in society. One of the much-needed changes has been the blossoming of welcome ceremonies for girl babies into the Jewish community. It’s a thing now with a variety of new practices unknown to our forefathers and foremothers. Called Simchat Bat (Celebration of the Daughter), Brit Bat (Covenant of the Daughter), or simply Britah, even some Conservative synagogues are adopting it.

Whether Reform or Conservative, Ashkenazi or Sephardi, traditional or customized, we will help you make your celebration memorable for everyone involved. After all, our specialty is bringing family and community together with food and joy.

Why You Should Choose Us
Our area of expertise is delicious kosher food. Kosher Miami Catering is well familiar with the thousands of years of history bringing your family and friends together with the blessings of generations who came before. Our experienced staff works as a team to ensure you a stress-free celebration. We’ll sit down together with you to plan how we can fulfill your vision as well as generate ideas that perhaps you hadn’t thought of. A major part of our service to you is preventing problems before they start. We make sure that everyone – people with disabilities and health conditions, people with various dietary needs and preferences, kids – feels good. The ideal catering service is flexible, reliable, knowledgeable, organized, unobtrusive, and compliant with current laws regarding safety and health. Better than Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts! That’s us.

Location, Location, Location
We’re based in South Florida, specifically in the Miami Metropolitan area. We enjoy providing kosher catering Aventura style with its cosmopolitan sophistication and panache. More than a restaurant rental Miami lovers are sure to love – we use three exclusive restaurants, each with an array of ambience and menu choices – we can also cater your celebration in the comfort of home.

Your Style
Are you looking for casual family dining, elegant gourmet meals, or a delightful sampling of international cuisines? Will you have a small gathering or a big party? What if you can’t keep track of all of your guests’ eating concerns? What if you don’t even know what you want? No worries: our job is to replace anticipatory chaos with clarity and calm. We’ve become adept at handling every kind of situation that you can imagine. If members of your group are vegetarian, mindful of health conditions, or simply prefer smaller portions, we can customize your dining experience to satisfy each individual. Nobody has to feel guilty choosing between turning down food or falling off the wagon.

Kosh is an upscale steakhouse with a wide range of choices prepared under kosher supervision. Their team of restaurateurs and chefs specialize in tapas and sushi dishes. They work with Aventura elegance whether on site or in your home for any kind of event. Whether you want to enjoy familiar favorites, indulge in gourmet taste sensations, or transport yourself on a sumptuous worldwide culinary tour, you can choose. Kosh is notable for offering dazzling cocktails and a huge variety of Asian style rolls with fresh ingredients such as salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, and fascinating sauces. Special menus for vegetarians and kids are available as well as one just for Shabbat meals. If you’re looking for a peaceful atmosphere where you can “relax, refresh, and relish,” Kosh is for you.

Rustiko is an Italian kosher artisan dairy bistro! All that and more. Imagine the tempting flavors in the creamy quinoa dish Quinotto made with mushrooms and truffle oil. You can try Tequeno, a flaky dough filled with cheese and accompanied by a guava dipping sauce. Nothing there is fried. Most of the food is internationally inspired. In addition to comfort foods, you can order gourmet pizzas and incredible desserts (especially incredible cheesecakes), while you sample the coffee/tea/juice/smoothie/teamonade bar. Beer and wine are available, as is free wi-fi. If you like the idea of a comfy, kid-friendly setting with the option of outdoor seating, then Rustiko might be your choice.

Fresko is a little dairy the whole family will enjoy. Its full menu offers many Latin, Mediterranean, and Asian dishes. The “creative, eclectic” menu includes fresh vegetarian and healthy choices as well as beer and wine. You also have the opportunity to opt for small plates. This restaurant also employs its own patissier chef whose artistic expertise is creating designer cakes, tarts, and specialty pastries. You can enjoy the bright, contemporary decor inside or dine al fresco (al Fresko?).

The Kiddush And Britah
Kosher Miami Catering will make your precious baby girl shine by helping you give her a celebration for everyone to remember for a lifetime and beyond. You can look forward to a delicious and beautiful experience exceeding your expectations. We work hard to provide the best kosher catering South Florida has to offer.

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