Anniversaries With Catering From Kosh in Miami

Anniversaries With Catering From Kosh in Miami | Kosher Catering Miami

At Kosh Restaurant, loyal customers can order catering for any big event. Celebrating an anniversary, renewing vows around Valentine’s Day, or hosting an intimate dinner at home is much easier with help from a gourmet catering team. When customers reach out to Kosh for help, they will find an amazing menu and several options to satisfy any palette. Continue reading to learn about the catering experience at Kosh. While customers may want to sit down to dine, the COVID-19 pandemic makes catering much more important and useful.

Why Kosh?
Kosh is a kosher gourmet restaurant that is perfect for anyone who prefers to eat right. While it may be difficult to find kosher dining options, everything on the Kosh menu is kosher. Bringing family and friends to the restaurant ensures that everyone has delicious food that does not offend their sensibilities. Plus, eating kosher is a healthier way to live.

Aside from the amazing food, the kosher catering South Florida options at Kosh help families meet in their homes where they are safe. Consider this option instead of trying to cook everything from scratch without having enough time to enjoy the meal.

How Does Kosh Catering Work?
Kosher catering Miami comes to the customer’s home at any time. The food is prepared off-site, and it arrives hot, cold, and ready to go. The catering staff comes to the house or event space ready to organize the meal in the way the customers prefer. Some people are not sure how they will set up the event, and that is why the catering staff works with customers to make the event look perfect.

When customers place an order for catering, the staff also picks up everything that was left behind. Happy customers get an amazing meal, and they do not need to clean up the food. The catering staff can pack all the leftover food, and they can explain what will be kept overnight. Customers do not need to worry about food spoiling overnight, and they can go to bed happy after having the best anniversary party.

What Sort of Food Should Customers Try?
When customers look through the menu at Kosh, they need to consider how they would construct a meal. Working with the catering team can help customers build a menu, but customers can also build their own menu based on their favorites. Starting on the Kosh menu, some soups help keep everybody warm. Cream of mushrooms and chicken soup can start any meal, or they can make up the soup station.

A salad station comes next, and customers can build salads using the pieces from something like the house salad, kale salad, or Caesar salad. There are also entree salads that might work better for big events. For example, customers can build a Thai beef salad, Asian chicken salad, or Cobb salad. Depending on your needs, you can also ask for all these ingredients to sit out while guests pass by.

Are Appetizers Helpful When Planning Big Meals?
The appetizer menu at Kosh is quite extensive, and these dishes help fill out a large menu. Celebrating an anniversary with friends and family is much more fun when appetizers are floating around before the meal begins. While it may be difficult to choose from items like beef carpaccio, tostones, or Shishito peppers, sweet and sour chicken, veal mushroom arancini, chicken wings, and more.

Setting out the trio of tacos is a lovely way to welcome everyone arriving at the party, and those tacos might serve as the bulk of the meal if that’s what the guests enjoy. Short ribs, Angus beef skewers, sliders, and chilli mixes all make the meal that much more exciting for everyone.

Entrees Out for Everyone
When choosing entrees for the meal, it helps to select a few things that the team can prepare in bulk. Someone who prefers to select several different menu items may not understand that they might not get to all this food. Ask the catering team about how much food these entrees can provide. The beef ragu linguine, chicken supreme, mushroom & tenderloin risotto, and tamarind duck are fun to serve. You want your anniversary party to stand out, and something like pepper tuna steak stands out. You can also order a platter of Kosh burgers, beef back ribs, seabass, NY strip, or caramel salmon.

If customers want to set up a meat cutting station, ask for any of the specialty cuts on the menu from center-cut, young chicken, reserve beef, lamb chop, rib eye, or veal chops.

What About the Sides?
The sides available for an anniversary party might also serve as appetizers. Ask for a side table where guests can grab truffle fries, sauteed veggies, sweet potato fries, and extra sauces.

Plan an Anniversary Party With Kosh
When planning an anniversary party, work with Kosh to make sure that the party has the best food. There are a lot of options, and the catering team can create an experience that everyone will remember. The entrees can include a butcher’s station, and the sides serve to make the meal all the more exciting. Call ahead so that the Kosh team can put together a menu that is perfect for everyone.

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