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Congrats, Grad!

It’s been more than a year, and now your teen is graduating from high school. It’s an important milestone, especially now that we’ve been confined to the home and your teen has spent the better part of his high school taking online classes. It’s time to celebrate his accomplishments and his ability to make it through this trying high school experience. With the help of a Kosher Catering South Florida , you can hold a celebration that meets your Jewish family’s needs and celebrates your teen’s accomplishments.

We have learned from our ongoing battle with coronavirus that it is important to honor important milestones in life, and one of the most important is high school graduation. So call up the Kosher event planner and start getting a few ideas for this important day.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, the point is that you eat, drink and be merry together as a family and community. The most important thing to remember is that you center the event on your hardworking grad.

Ready to start planning. Here we’ve put together a few ideas for a big family kosher event or a small outdoor gathering.

Lawn Signs
When the event nears, honor your graduate with a lawn sign that commemorates his hard work and encourages the community to participate. Place it in the yard so the whole neighborhood can see you have an important graduate in your family.

Place a Photo Wreath on The Door
Collect class photos from grade school to high school. Then, take them to the office supply store to have them laminated and place them in a wreath. People will love seeing the pictures and noticing how they change over the years.

Give Out Favors
At the Kosher event, hand out favors to everyone who comes. Consider paper bags with your graduate’s name and a saying. This will help your grad remember the important moment.

Create a Commemorative Video
As a gift for the high school grad, ask classmates to record a special video and message from a favorite time. When everyone submits their video, have someone put it all together and play it at your event.

Collect Words of Wisdom
Ask the graduate friends and family to give life advice and write it on a slip of paper then stick these to a keepsake you can give your graduate.

Create a Photo Backdrop with a Graduate Theme
Having a photo background at the event is cute and let’s everyone participate in photo sessions with your graduate. It is easy to create and adds an interesting piece for family and friends.

Picture centerpiece
This is another simple graduation decor idea. All you need is a picture of your graduate, a few flowers and a dollar store vase. Add it all together in an attractive way and use as a table centerpiece.

Balloon Bouquet
Everyone loves a balloon bouquet, and would it really be a celebration without one. The bouquet is a beautiful decorative touch and besides everyone loves holding it while they take pictures with your grad.

Party Entrance Decor
Ask your grad and a friend to paint an entrance sign to put in the yard or at the door. This sign will help show guests where they need to go for the event.

Create a Memory Board
Make a memory board of photos from all the major events in high school. Choose photos where your graduate made important milestones in his life. Your family will love to see the photos and reminisce about everything that has happened.

Frame Graduation Quotes
Find interesting graduation quotes and print them up, then frame them and put them on serving tables or around the gift table. Ask the event service people to help you decorate with the framed quotes.

Add An Instagram Hashtag
Think of an Instagram hashtag to use to make sure the entire family can see the pictures after the party. Place the hashtag in a frame at different tables around the event.

Paint a Globe
Paint a school globe with black blackboard paint. Use blackboard markers to write a saying or have guests sign it so your graduate can keep the globe as a keepsake.

Planning the Kosher Graduation Event
Take the time to plan out the graduation event. Contact your kosher caterer sooner rather than later. You want to start the planning stage at least 6 months before the event. Take a headcount of all the family members and friends that will attend. Discuss the food options available to you for the event. Send out emails with all the details of the party and ask for an RSVP for a certain date.
Plan out the speakers and presenters and schedule the food service around the speaking and music time. This will help your kosher caterer prepare ahead of time.

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