Choose the Leading Kosher Catering Company for Your Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah

Choose the Leading Kosher Catering Company for Your Daughters Bat Mitzvah | Kosher Catering Miami

Judaism, or the Jewish faith, is a religious practice that honors history, culture, and traditions. When a Jewish girl turns twelve or thirteen (depending on the sect), it is customary she has a bat mitzvah, a coming of age ceremony followed by a party. (The term for boys is bar mitzvah.) The bat mitzvah is often an elaborate event that celebrates the Jewish faith, togetherness, culture, and values. Namely, young people are taken in by their congregation and bound in their faith. This is special for the girl, but also her family, as it marks the transition into adulthood and the beginning of responsibilities (Jewish laws, ethics, and traditions) she will be taking on as an adult Jewish woman. Typically, she has studied and prepared for the moment. She has, as required, attended Shabbat prayer services at the synagogue, studied at a Hebrew school, completed a community service project, and remained in good standing with the synagogue. Once she has met the requirements, she can have the bat mitzvah ceremony and party.

The bar (or bat) mitzvah party is a tradition that began in the thirteenth century. It includes the seudat mitzvah or special meal shared with family, friends, and members of the community. One of the most important parts of the bat mitzvah celebration is the food. Therefore, parents of children to be bar or bat mitzvahed should call Kosher Catering Miami, the premier provider of upscale, kosher delicacies sure to please any palate. They offer an array of options and can make anything you can dream of – the only limit is your imagination! Namely, they can customize a menu for any budget from any of their three restaurants: Kosh, Fresko, and Rustiko. No matter how many guests you have, they can help you create a delicious, unforgettable meal that will leave everyone full, satisfied, and talking about the meal for years to come. In addition, since everything is prepared kosher, you can rest assured knowing your food follows your dietary needs. The bat mitzvah girl will be so happy with the food and the parents will be glad they chose Kosher Catering Miami, the best kosher caterer in South Florida.

Some of the menu options they offer are from Kosh. This is a steakhouse with a twist. They have a menu of just Asian options and sushi while offering soups, salads, and tapas. Located in Aventura, Florida, the restaurant boasts a stylish atmosphere created with contemporary light fixtures, comfortable seating, tasteful décor, and a fully stocked wine bar. It has kale salads with mint and peanut vinaigrette, fancy Tostones made up of crispy plantains, shredded meat, guacamole, and cilantro paste, and Burger Sliders with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and arugula. For entrees, they have offerings like Tamarind Duck served with mushroom risotto, Beef Ragu Linguine, and Mushrooms NY Style Strip Steak with Kosh potatoes. If you’re feeling more adventurous and want to explore their Asian menu, they have appetizers like Crunchy (faux) Lobster Tail or the Raw Japanese Salad with (imitation) crab, avocado, fresh salmon, and ponzu sauce on a bed of mixed greens. If you’re in the mood for sushi, Kosh has over twenty types of sushi rolls both raw and cooked.

Another restaurant Kosher Catering Miami has is Fresko, bright, modern space with colorful décor and breakfast and lunch options. More casual than Kosh, Fresko still offers tons of flavors and Asian, Mediterranean, and Latin influences. It has a lively atmosphere and a menu of things like French Toast, Tuna or Cheese Filled Empanadas, Dulce de Leche Waffles, and Greek Omelettes with feta cheese, olives, red onions, and peppers. For lunch, they serve up Avocado Toast, Caprese Salad, and The Mediterranean – an olive tapenade, grilled vegetables, and goat cheese. They also have fresh juice, wine, bagels, and bakery items like croissants and muffins.

When you choose Kosher Catering Miami, you may choose menu items from Rustiko. A kosher, artisanal Italian bistro, Rustiko is “hippie chic” and has a very laid back, cool atmosphere. They are the only Kosher Catering Miami Restaurant to offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here, the bat mitzvah girl can choose food options like Salmon Carpaccio with raw salmon, radish, arugula, and cilantro mayo or Quinoa Salad with spinach, beets, sunflower seeds, and lemon-balsamic vinaigrette. Her guests may also get the opportunity to have mouth-watering, upscale pizza like truffle and goat cheese options and pasta like Ricotta Tortelloni or Veggie Lasagna.

Kosher Catering Miami also offers the restaurants as venues for parties and any would make an excellent location for a bat mitzvah. So, when it comes time to reward your daughter for her hard work and begin planning her bat mitzvah, keep Kosher Catering Miami and Kosher Venue Rental Miami in mind as they can help make any event one that won’t be forgotten.



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