Elegant Food Adds Class to Fundraising Events

Anyone who plans fundraising events knows that delicious food can lead to more donations. After all, food relaxes people and makes them happy. That tends to make them more open to giving. We offer Kosher Catering in South Florida that sets the tone for your event. Our food not only looks exquisite but tastes exceptional. The best part of going with our kosher catering in Miami is we can sit with you and offer you a customized menu that keeps your budget in mind.

The spring and summer in Miami are full of charity events that are both fun and worthwhile for those who want to give to great causes. There are black tie events for medical research, a benefit gala for fashion week, and charity balls for medical foundations. We can help you plan, coordinate and carry out details of venue selection and an elegant kosher menu that represents the charity in a positive way. An advantage of using our service is access to kosher venue rentals in Miami. Each of the three exclusive restaurants we partner with has distinctive kosher menus that will wow guests.

Located in Surfside, the Kosh offers a variety of food styles including steaks, sushi, and tapas for those in Miami and those seeking kosher catering in Aventura. All food is kosher with cooking methods under strict supervision. the restaurant is a contemporary setting offering an upscale, modern experience. Some of the items you will find on the menu include Three Pepper Tuna Steak with pinot noir reduction and wasabi mashed potatoes and Tamarind Duck, which is paired with a mushroom risotto. There is also a New York Strip Steak with mushrooms and potatoes sauteed with truffle oil. Those who prefer sushi can go for a classic roll or one of the restaurant’s signature rolls such as their Happy Jalapeno Roll that includes raw hamachi, cilantro, and avocado. It is topped with lime, a wasabi-truffle spicy sauce, and jalapeno. Kosh will also work within specific budgets, making it an excellent venue choice.

Rustiko Artisan Bistro
This venue, also located in Surfside, offers kosher restaurant rental in Miami that includes upscale, casual cuisine. Rustiko has breakfast, large and small plates, pizza, and soups and salads. From crispy mini tacos with salmon tartar, sesame seeds and guacamole, to sea bass piccata with spinach, sweet peas, kale and zucchini in a lemon caper sauce, your guests will love every aspect of this restaurant’s selection and service. Plus, it is open seven days a week, opening one hour after Shabat.

Fresko Miami
Those looking for kosher catering in Aventura need to look no further than Fresko Miami. This restaurant offers impressive menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The combination of flavors is unlike any other at a kosher dairy place. Dinner menu items include shitake mushroom and truffle oil risotto, mini salmon cakes, tartufo quesadilla, and pepper crusted tuna. There is also a sushi menu available.

Many of the best events today have a balance between formal dinner items, like steak or salmon, and casual smaller portion items such as pizza or tapas. Casual items don’t mean the event has to be low-key. Many casual items can be included on a high-end formal menu as well. Having a variety of items at your event will ensure everyone’s tastes are satisfied.

Some other factors to consider when planning a fundraising event include:
– A full bar and complete wine list
– A silent auction
– Black tie service
– Good follow up

A full bar and complete wine list will go a long way to making your guests comfortable at your event. It will also compliment the many food items offered. Be sure to include both common wines everyone is familiar with, as well as a few top-shelf wines to impress.

Silent auctions are a great way to raise money beyond selling tickets. Many businesses and individuals will donate items for the auction and many will bid more than retail pricing for certain unique items. It also provides for a friendly bidding competition and entertainment for the evening.

A key element in making a fundraising event successful is black tie service. People attending fundraisers love excellent service and having servers passing appetizers and meeting your guests’ needs will lead to guests feeling more generous. Having outstanding service will also build a good reputation for your future events.

Having a way to follow up with guests will do much to top your fundraising goals. While many give the night of the event, some will want to find out more details before deciding to contribute. These are donation leads worth reconnecting after the event. Plus, following up with all your guests with thank you notes or other correspondents will keep them interested in your cause and could lead to ongoing donations.

We at Kosher Miami Catering would love to work with you to address any of your needs for your next fundraising event. Our staff can work with you to create the perfect event to achieve your charity goals.

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