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An engagement party is a compelling way to share the news and celebrate your forthcoming union. Not only does it bring together your family and friends, but it also gives you some much-needed experience in event planning ahead of the wedding. It allows you to celebrate your upcoming nuptials in a casual and intimate setting.

Although engagement parties are not as involved or grandiose as the actual wedding, they need careful planning. This month’s article will discuss some vital tips when planning engagement parties and how Kosh Miami can help.

1. Choose a host

Traditionally, the bride’s family hosted the engagement party. But, in these modern days, there are no rules on who can host such celebrations. It can be a team-up of both parents, close friends to the couple/bridal party, or even you. Determine the host before making any other engagement party plans. In turn, this aids in setting other party planning aspects in motion.

2. Pick a Date

There are no rules on when to hold an engagement party. But, they are usually held within the first few months after the proposal. Thus, it is best to send such party invitations about four to six weeks before the event to give your guests proper time to prepare. By picking a date for your party and sending out invitations, your guests will have proper notice to keep the day free. It also helps in maintaining the thrill of the engagement.

Additionally, if a holiday or birthday is coming up, you can opt to combine the celebrations. As such, this is most convenient if most of your family does not live in town or your partner does not live in the same city as you. If you plan to host your engagement party during the holidays, avoid the first few days before and after the holidays to prevent double-booking.

3. Set a Budget

Hosting your engagement party does not have to be expensive. The last thing you would do is to blow your wedding budget on this pre-wedding event. If someone else is hosting, you may be more fortunate and flexible, but be careful not to take advantage of them. In such instances, it is best to discuss some solid/expected numbers upfront.

Setting aside a budget for your engagement party provides you with good practice for crunching up the numbers for your big day. It also helps in choosing the perfect venue and the number of guests to invite. So, sit down with your partner and decide what you collectively think is an appropriate amount for the event.

4. Create your guest list

A key thing to think of when planning your engagement party is who will be the attendees. As a general rule of thumb, everyone invited to an engagement party should also be there on the actual wedding day. Thus, creating a guest list for your engagement party is, in essence, a preliminary guest list for your big day.

Since engagement parties are an intimate affair, keep your guest list small. Keep the affair simple and only invite close family members and friends to allow you to mingle and talk with them all without feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

5. Find a Venue

Depending on your guest list and the party’s theme, choose a venue with the appropriate facilities, size, and convenient location. Often, a restaurant or home is the ideal choice for hosting engagement parties. But, be careful not to upstage your actual big day. Thus, it is advisable to have a different theme/mood for your engagement party then your actual big day.

If you think of a formal venue, Kosh Steakhouse Grill in Surfside, Florida, is an excellent choice. Not only does it offer a wide range of exquisite cuisines, but it also features beautiful décor complimented with the art of the nouveau style.The Kosher restaurant is two blocks away from the beach. In turn, the location has plenty of cool breezes to keep your skin fresh and moist as you mingle with your loved ones and enjoy Kosh Miami’s mouthwatering dishes.

6. Determine your menu

Food is another crucial aspect of planning an engagement party. Whether you choose to serve a five-course sit-down dinner with an open bar or simple pass-around light snacks, ensure that there is something for your guests to sip on and munch.

Also, make sure to specify what will be served to allow your guests to plan. For instance, your invitation could include, ‘Please join us for cocktails and light bites”. Or ‘Join us for a festive dinner to celebrate the future bride and groom.’

At Kosher Steakhouse Surfside, there is a wide array of dishes from around the world prepared by a professional chef. You can also get a range of diets, like vegetarian and different and affordable options for appetizers, main course meals, and desserts from our Kosher Catering Surfside service.

7. Think about Fun Activities

Engagement parties are an excellent way for your friends and family to get to know each other. You can always play a fun game or introduce other ice breakers as a way to entertain your crowd. Whether you choose to have the game on in the background, play trivia games about the couple’s love story, or sing karaoke after dinner, there are many ways to keep your crowd lively and on their toes.

8. Pick your Outfit

Depending on your party setting and preferred venue, you must find a special outfit for your first party as a to-be-wed couple. Many brides opt to wear white for their engagement parties but with a naturally less impressive outfit than the actual wedding gown. Often, a beautiful dress or is an ideal fit.

When it comes to grooms-to-be, they do not have to wear an official suit-and-tie unless the venue requires it. Remember to match your partner’s formality level. You should dress in what feels right for you.

Final Thoughts

Planning an engagement party does not have to be tiresome. The process should be fun and bring you and your partner closer together as you expect your upcoming nuptials. Furthermore, by choosing a venue like restaurant Miami, we can help you take a load off. Thanks to our exceptional sceneries, tantalizing cuisines, and thirst-quenching drinks. We have all the services you need to host a successful engagement party.

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