Have a Delicious Kosher Wedding Meal With Our Help

A Jewish wedding in Miami is always a terrific occasion. This is an opportunity for family and freinds to come together and enjoy a fabulous time while celebrating the newly married couple. We understand that a bride wants to find kosher catering Miami she can depend on that offers her and their guests something truly special on their wedding day. The right kind of kosher catering South Florida helps all her guests enjoy the day as much as she does. Any Jewish wedding should have a menu of food that adheres to all kashrut dietary laws but is also delicious and lets everyone find something they like to eat at the same time.

Picking Out a Theme
A kosher menu is a menu that centers around either all meat or or all dairy foods. Many brides like to keep it light and let guests enjoy local area fish. A menu that centers around fish is one way that brides today are aiming for a lighter touch on the menu they serve their guests. Sushi is a daring choice that is contemporary and will please a lot of guests. People can pick from many types of sushi to find the kind they really want.

Fabulous Desserts
Any wedding should end on a high note with a delicious selection of varied kinds of special desserts as well as a wonderful wedding cake. At our company, we offer many desserts that the bride can choose, each one made from the freshest ingredients possible. Brides can also choose a menu of desserts from less caloric options that take full advantage of delicious locally grown fruit.

That Perfect Toast
All guests at a wedding want to toast the new bride and groom as soon as they get married. We offer many drink that guests can use to toast the couple multiple times during the dinner. Each bride and groom can also pick out special wines and other drinks might enjoy during the party. They can also work with us directly to decide on a highly personal menu of innovative and new drinks that will surprise and delight their guests.

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