Hosting Your Own Cocktail Party With Kosher Catering Delights

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Celebrate With Kosher Dishes
Hosting a party is a big undertaking. However, if you allow yourself enough time to plan all the event details, you can provide a hugely satisfying occasion. Some people become so adept at working with their local catering partners that their friends beg them to host another party again soon. This is equally true for people whom you want to entertain following the kosher diet. We can help you plan an amazing event in Miami and wow your guests. They will surely love the menu items that we create especially for the special day.

Keeping Kosher With Style
When you have a special occasion such as a housewarming, a fundraiser, or an anniversary, it’s fun to plan a cocktail party to entertain friends, business colleagues, or family members. If you are raising money at this event, then making a good first impression is even more crucial. It might even be fun to invite close neighbors. This type of party usually includes lighter dishes that people snack on as they enjoy cocktails and mocktails. Some cocktail parties range from casual to formal depending on what you print on the invitations. If the family only is coming, sometimes guests will just dress however they feel comfortable. They will definitely remember this party if the food is delicious.

Planning the Kosher Menu
Even if your goal is to offer appetizers and miniature portions of popular entrees, you need advance planning to meet kosher diet restrictions. A full-service Kosher caterer located nearby is definitely the best option if it will meet your party budget. When you work with our company, you can choose from their previously planned menus or work with our catering director to develop your own menu. We can even add non- kosher-style, yet kosher options for people who don’t prefer kosher dishes to round out the event.

Considering What Guests Might Like to Enjoy at the Party
If you have one or more guests of honor, you can talk to them in advance of the catering appointment to discover what dishes they like to eat. You also want to rule out any dishes that may contain ingredients to which some guests are allergic. These dishes can be combined with our restaurant’s most popular dishes to create a scrumptious array of miniature delights. Also, some dishes may be more healthy than others. Therefore, planning a range of menu items based on their carbohydrate, fat, and sodium content is also recommended.

Incorporating Foods From Other Cultures
You might be pleasantly surprised that your menu doesn’t have to include only classic kosher dishes. Many contemporary parties include exotic meals and appetizers such as Japanese-inspired dishes containing peanuts and chicken, Italian-style portobello mushrooms and steak, and Polish-style potato pancakes. If we spice up your menu with these types of international influences, please know that we will adhere to the Kosher standards and exceed your guests’ exacting expectations.

Hiring Full-Service Miami Caterers
If you are looking for the best kosher catering Miami, then you have to look no further than our full-service kitchen based out of our fine Florida restaurant. The choice to offer a cocktail party at your home, office, or private club is a great way to create an intimate atmosphere even while you’re carefully meeting the dietary needs of your valued guests. We use our catering talents to help all guests keep their traditional Jewish culture alive. We adhere to the strict standards required of a certified caterer, only handling foods according to kosher regulations. Although there are limits to what people on this diet can eat, we do our very best to provide sumptuous appetizers, entrees, and desserts that will make your occasion very special. Rest assured that each dish we prepare for your cocktail party will be a pleasure for everyone in attendance to enjoy. Since meat and dairy can not be consumed at the same meal, we must always strive to use our creative senses in order to incorporate all appetizers and mini entrees to the party menu.

Planning Unforgettable Cocktails
A cocktail party won’t be a success without some tasty beverages. Having a range of cocktails and kosher wines on hand to serve guests will help to ensure that they all have a grand time. Some cocktail ingredients may not fit the kosher diet. For example, bourbons and whiskeys have to be prepared in a particular way as do wines You can offer other spirits to your guests besides just common choices like Manischewitz and Kedem, including Crown Royal and Johnnie Walker. Be sure to consult with our catering director on specialty cocktails especially if we need to prepare and serve adult beverages at your elegant cocktail party.

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