Kosher Catering for a Stress-Free Event

Kosher Catering for a Stress Free Event | Kosher Catering Miami

Are you planning a special event in the Miami-Dade area? How you plan the details of the event will definitely affect how it unfolds, whether people feel comfortable at the event, and how they will remember it. If you want to host the same type of event next year, the party details are very important. It’s best to start off with a checklist so that you can plan a stress-free event. Here are the common elements of an event checklist:

  • Finding a suitable venue for the event
  • Establishing parking and transportation services
  • Invitations – including what people should wear and bring to the event
  • Planning the food and beverages
  • Arranging appropriate entertainment
  • Creating the guest list
  • Keeping guests happy while they are in attendance

This seems like a big to-do list. What if you could check the biggest concern off your event checklist? We know that you want to find food and drinks that are pleasing to the palate without breaking the bank or having to worry about the caterers serving their menu with precision. The best solution is to hire professionals for the biggest hassle of any party – the catering. We can help you to customize a menu that will appeal to all ages and palates while staying within the Kosher guidelines. Just sit down with our event planner and get started with planning the costs of kosher catering in Miami today.

Hosting a Stress-Free Event for the Winter Months
December and January are busy when we look at our social calendars. Winter season brings together people from all walks of life for holidays such as Chanukkah and New Year’s Eve. There are also graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, and other special occasions. Holiday office parties and other gatherings bring us together more than we typically experience in the other ten months of the year. The common ingredient in all of these special events and celebrations is the food. Whether you want something simple like lox-and-bagels for a breakfast event or a five-course dinner, our experts can plan an exquisite menu and meet your religious restrictions for preparing and serving Kosher food.

Keeping it Kosher
If you observe the Kosher way of life, then how your food is prepared by your kosher caterers in Miami is crucial to the success of your event. The professional staff in our kosher catering Aventura are committed to helping you plan and implement your next event menu with complete success. We want to help you break your menu down into the essentials so that it will come together seamlessly when implemented at your next event.

Here are some considerations that factor into the menu planning stage:

  • Price per person – How much it will cost to serve each person, including all food and beverage items, impacts the party budget. A party planner must balance this cost-per-attendee with the costs of space rental, entertainment, decorations, and valet parking services.
  • Hors d’oeuvres – This component may be the only food option that will be served at an event or it could be a lighter portion offered an hour or two before the main course is served. This component pairs nicely with the entertainment segment of the event.
  • Entrees – Typically, you need multiple entree options because some guests do not consume meat or dairy. There could be one meat or dairy main course as well as vegetarian options.
  • Desserts – These may not be needed, especially for a casual event or just drinks and appetizers. They are a tradition for a full dinner menu, especially at banquets and weddings.
  • Bar or no bar – This will depend on the liquor license and the rules governing the venue where your event will be hosted.
  • Beverages – There are always family-friendly options like punch, juice, coffee, tea, lemonade, and soda to offer for a variety if there is no alcohol being served.

We want you and your guests to experience a stress-free event. Talk to one of our party planning experts today about how to provide a memorable occasion for all attendees! We work regularly with several Miami area restaurants to cater successful events in intimate spaces. Get the details today.


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