Kosher Catering Miami: Tips For Planning An Amazing Surprise Party

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Does a friend or loved one have a big event coming up in their lives? Planning a surprise party is a great way to share at this moment and give that special someone a wonderful party experience. In order for it to go off well, though, there are some things you need to know about planning a surprise party that is unique to the situation. The best, most successful surprise parties are planned in total secrecy, they only involve a few people in the beginning stages of planning, and discretion is maintained until the moment of the big reveal. With these tips for throwing a great surprise party, your guest of honor is likely to remember this moment for a very long time:

Planning Tip #1–Make sure your guest of honor would want a party
Some people like being the center of attention, while others would be horrified at the thought of dozens of people screaming and celebrating around them. Make sure that your guest of honor falls into the first category before you start planning. Have some covert conversations about parties that you’ve been to, parties that you’ve planned, and watch their reactions to your tales…’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if they would enjoy an event like this.

Planning Tip #2–Pick a date BEFORE the occasion
A party thrown after a big event is anticlimactic; a party on the day of an event is somewhat expected. Picking a date before the big “to do” will be best in order to secure that surprise moment. Make sure both guests and the guest of honor can attend on this date and set something up for you and your surprise that they would normally expect to attend, so it doesn’t seem too suspicious.

Planning Tip #3–Choose your guests and start telling people individually
After your guest list has been compiled, it’s important to covertly invite party guests to ensure that your guest of honor doesn’t get wind that something is happening. Stay away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and opt for some good old fashioned phone calls and individual texts. Make sure guests know not to spill the beans before the big day, and if necessary, ask for their help in getting your event ready. Many hands make light work, and planning an event like this is part of the fun. Get others involved in the spirit of party planning, and watch the event come together like magic.

Planning Tip #4–Choose your theme and assemble the goods
A surprise party for a new job would involve a business theme—-notepads, pens, timeclocks, etc. A baby shower or birthday party involves a completely different theme and color scheme; go all out and make this extra special for your honored guest, and make sure your guests know what kind of party you are celebrating.

Choosing activities that reflect the type of party you are hosting will also add flair and excitement to your gathering. Choosing games, mixers, and other things that reflect the essence of the party will help tie it all together, making wonderful memories for everyone involved.

Planning Tip #5–Prep for the big day ahead of time
If you are planning on throwing the party on a Saturday, don’t wait till Saturday to start setting up. Do as many things as you can ahead of time, and make sure that final preparations can be taken over by trusted co-conspirators as you take care of getting the guest of honor to the party. Decorating and setup can take place well ahead of time, while food and drink preparations are last minute items that can be occurring as you are arriving with your most special guest. Organize well, and you’ll be in great shape and great spirits as you approach the final reveal.

Planning Tip #6–Serve up some killer eats and treats
Knowing your guest audience is critical to being able to serve up something that everyone can enjoy. Guests who observe kosher laws of food preparation will appreciate the extra time and effort that goes into creating a little piece of the menu specifically for them. Other guests may also enjoy your pleasing fare, keeping in mind that everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to food preparation and delivery.

If you want to focus on guest relations and making sure that your guest of honor is well cared for, consider hiring a kosher caterer for your event. Not only are they professional and knowledgable about kosher food preparation, but their selection of food and beverage choices is likely to be more impressive than any soiree you could put together in the kitchen. Kosher Catering Miami has the most impressive selection of kosher catering menu options across southern Florida. If you truly want to impress your guests and create a memorable experience for your surprise party guest of honor, consider designing a customized menu with our professionals. We will work with you, your theme and your budget to design the party of your dreams. Give us a call today and get ready to create a beautiful event!

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