Kosher Catering Miami


The Premier Kosher Caterer in Miami

Kosher Miami Catering is a premier kosher catering Miami service offering a wide array of kosher options for any size party or event looking for kosher catering South Florida. We will more than exceed your expectations while still fitting your budget. We would be honored to sit down with you to customize a menu from our three different kosher restaurants in South Florida.

Kosher Miami Catering’s exclusive restaurants include Kosh, Fresko, & Rustiko.


Kosh is a Miami Steakhouse which features both kosher tapas and sushi. Kosh is a premier dining experience providing quality service with pure kosher foods under supervision. It offers the ultimate dining experience catered specifically for those interested in kosher catering Aventura. With its delicious kosher entrees and superb desserts, Kosh offers a wide selection of menu choices for its clients to choose from. Kosh will work within your budget and will guarantee a successful event.


Rustiko is an Italian kosher restaurant gaining a reputation for its exquisite flavors and aromas. True to its heritage, they offer a variety of pasta dishes and pizzas. They also offer a plethora of culinary creativity such as their Quinotto, a creamy quinoa dish with mixed mushrooms seasoned with truffle oil to their Tequeno, a flaky dough filled with cheese and served with a guava sauce for dipping. None of their dishes are fried.


Fresko is a unique little kosher dairy featuring a mouth-watering variety of Latin, Mediterranean and Asian influenced breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Fresko Miami can be anywhere with you! Enjoy our catering services, from appetizers to desserts. For a nice family meal, Fresko offers a great variety of flavorful dishes for anyone to enjoy regardless of palette.