Kosher catering services abound in South Florida

Planning an important event such as a wedding, bar mitzvah, and bat mitzvah is stressful, but there is one easy way to reduce the stress: let someone cater it.

Picking Your Menu
Kosher Catering Miami is available for a variety of events that require the most professional service and best food. Our premier kosher catering South Florida service can accommodate both small and large parties and includes an array of food options fitting a variety of budgets. Catering professionals can also sit with clients to customize a menu to fit exact needs.

Three Restaurants Offer Kosher Food
This catering service utilizes three high-quality restaurants so food choices are unlimited. From tapas to sushi, kosher catering is available for anyone hosting an event. Food services are available beyond Miami to kosher catering Aventura, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Bal Harbor, Surfside, and Boca.

Koshi is a steakhouse which also specializes in sushi, tapas, and desserts while maintaining all the standards of kosher food. All food is prepared with supervision to ensure standards are maintained.

One may not think about Italian food when they think of kosher catering South Florida, but Rustiko has mastered the art of kosher Italian food. The restaurant has pizzas and pasta dishes, perfect for younger people with an upcoming bat or bar mitzvah, but also offers gourmet dishes such as Quinotto. This unusual quinoa dish has a creamy finish mixed with a variety of mushrooms and the perfect amount of truffle oil.

The restaurant Fresko has some of everything with Latin, Asian, and Mediterranean influences. This restaurant has breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, so it can serve you anytime.

Restaurant Space Available
Those needing a space as well as food should consider kosher restaurant rental Miami. Our company can provide rental space at any of the three restaurants for your special event. The three restaurant spaces we offer provide the perfect atmosphere for an elegant reception or party.

There is no need to look any further for Kosher Catering Miami. We can provide for all of your needs!

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