Kosher Catering Miami


The Premier Kosher Caterer in Miami

Kosher Miami Catering was established in the greater Miami metropolitan area to meet the needs of those seeking kosher catering South Florida. It is our mission to take classic kosher dishes and make them fresh and exciting while still maintaining the strict supervision required by Judaic law.

We have earned the reputation as kosher restaurant rental Miami, by planning and pairing great food with memorable events. From finding the best venue to designing the perfect menu, kosher catering in Miami is what we are all about. We use only the most attentive and professional staff of experienced event planners to work with you every step of the way to ensure you have found the ideal kosher restaurant rental in Miami.

If you are looking for a Kosher Miami Catering to host your next big event, or Shabbat dinner, try one of our three different locations.


Kosh hosts on-site private parties featuring their stellar menu along with a full collection of wines, specialty cocktails, sake, and beer. Kosh is available to orchestrate events such as receptions, cocktail parties, or corporate events either in a residential location, or at a venue of your choice.


Rustiko hosts on-site kosher dining. With their elegant tiled floors, hanging vines, and wood grain finishes, they bring Italy to Southern Florida. Rustiko has created a twist on the traditional drink menu by serving sangria in chilled mugs, along with sake and tea infused mojitos, and a complete wine selection. The relaxed atmosphere makes Rustiko a great choice for your next event.


Fresko is the perfect place for anyone looking to taste a mix of flavors while remaining kosher. They host on-site family dining in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It is a perfect place to host a laid-back breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let Fresko host your next event, and they will not disappoint you.

Kosher Miami Catering is an integrated kosher event planner and caterer. With both kosher event hosting and catering, Kosher Miami Catering is able to coordinate any and all of your kosher needs no matter where you want to go.

What makes us unique is our ability to provide exceptional quality kosher food to the greater Miami area as well as offer on-site event hosting at one of our three partner restaurants under the supervision of a Mashgiach. This allows us to plan kosher events the right way while still serving delicious kosher food.