Looking for Kosher Catering?

Finding a kosher restaurant can usually be kind of a hassle, but fortunately, Kosher Miami Catering is available for anyone who is looking for kosher catering South Florida area. Based in Aventura, they are centered on three related restaurants—Rustiko, Kosh and Fresko—which provide delicious, exotic food that closely follow the details of Judaic law. They are available for whatever business function or simcha that you need, from a brit milah to a wedding!

Menu Items
Kosher Miami Catering provides a meat or milk menu depending on your choice. Its three restaurants are known for serving a wide and adventurous palette—Fresko has a specialty in kosher sushi, for example, while Rustiko has a variety of Italian foods on its menu. They all serve breakfasts and desserts as well, and provide a wonderful wine list. No matter what kind of tastes you or your guests have, Kosher Miami Catering is sure to have something that you will enjoy!

Locations For Rental
The three restaurants’ premises are also available for rental. All provide a wonderful atmosphere for your event; Fresko is perhaps the most laidback, with its self described “hippie chic” decor, while Rustiko and Kosh are more refined and elegant. Pick whichever one will work best for your event, or choose another venue where they can serve you. Either way, Kosher Miami Catering will provide an event that will be fun and leave great memories in the minds of all who attend!

Kosher Miami Catering would love to hear from you! Note that their business is closed all day Saturday for Shabbat, and with limited hours (9 AM to 2 PM) on Fridays. Offices are open from 9 AM to 10 PM on Mondays through Thursdays, and 10 AM to 10 PM on Sundays. So if you are looking for kosher catering Miami or in the surrounding area, give them a call or send an email. They are eager to put together a wonderful event that you and your guests will remember for years to come!

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