Make Your Retirement Party as Flavorful as Possible with Kosher Catering Miami

The time has come to retire and live the good life. This milestone in life deserves to be celebrated in style. For maximum success, the event needs to reflect the guest of honor’s life, character, career, and interests. Of course, the food that you serve at your retirement party is critical for the event’s success. Kosher catering in South Florida is the answer if you want exquisitely prepared dishes that taste as good as they look.

Let’s look at what will make your retirement party memorable for everyone.

Family, Friends, and Colleagues Make the Guest List
Milestone events in life should be a time to gather with the people we love and respect. Retirement is one such event. When making the guest list for your retirement party, you want to make sure the important people make the cut.

Family, of course, needs to top the guest list. Your spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings should be part of your special event. Make sure they have places of honor when making the seating arrangements.

Long-time and important friends need to get an invitation. Look at the friends with whom you are closest and get them an invitation to each one right away. Don’t forget the friends that may be long distance. A good many would love an excuse to come see you and congratulate you on your retirement.

If you’ve been at one company for a number of years, some of your colleagues have to make the invite list. Be sure the boss is there along with the people with whom you worked closest. Your workplace lunch buddies also need a place at your retirement party table.

Lunch, Dinner, or Appetizers?
Retirement events come in many shapes and sizes. You might want a small event over an intimate lunch with just a few people. Or maybe a full sit-down dinner at a fine restaurant is in order. Or maybe your idea of a good time is a reception with plenty of appetizers to go around.

The preference of the guest of honor must take precedence when planning a retirement party. If the retiree prefers a small intimate event, springing a large reception on him or her is not a good idea. The last thing you want to have is for the retiree to be uncomfortable at the event held in his or her honor.

Time the Retirement Party Right
Holding a retirement party before the person actually retires is confusing to the guests. Will the retiree show up the next day to work?

The party should happen the day the guest of honor retires or within a few days thereafter. That way, there is no question about whether the retiree will show up at work the next day or not. Plus, it is a milestone event that should be celebrated as close to the actual date as possible.

Select Your Venue with Care
Where you hold your retirement party makes all the difference in the ambiance of the event. Once you have a guest list in mind, you know the number of people who may be coming. That is the time to start thinking about a venue for the party.

If your guest list is small, your home offers a comfortable place for everyone to gather. However, if the list is longer, you should consider an outside venue. You might want to go with a restaurant’s private party room for an intimate meal. A corporate event center is great for a large crowd and appetizers. Museums, mansions, and reception halls offer a number of unique options.

The most important factor in selecting a venue is what would make the retiree most comfortable. Choose a kosher venue rental in Miami that the guest of honor will enjoy.

The Food Choice Is Second Only to the Retiree
A celebration isn’t special unless it has food that matches it. That is why we offer only the best Kosher catering in Miami. You get to select your menu from three different Kosher restaurants: Rustiko, Kosh, and Fresko. Each one is ready and waiting to bring the best kosher meal to your guests.

Rustiko offers fresh fish, handmade pizza, and homemade pasta. Kosh is perfect if you want a sophisticated menu highlighted by duck tamarind and mouth-watering sushi. Fresko brings Latin, Mediterranean, and Asian influences to the table with its fresh menu.

With Kosher catering in Aventura, you can mix and match the flavors that you want to make your retirement party extra special.

Make It Special
When someone retires, it offers a moment for everyone to reflect on this person’s professional accomplishments. A part of planning a retirement party is making time for speeches, toasts, and other special moments.

Putting out a book where guests can write well wishes is one way to remember the day. Be sure to acknowledge and thank anyone who brings a retirement gift.

When you are ready to plan your retirement party, call Kosher Miami Catering. We are here to make the start of the rest of your life as memorable, and flavorful, as possible.

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