Miami is the place for birthday celebrations!

A birthday may mean you are a year older, but you can still have youthful fun at any number of places around Miami that cater to adults.

Many suggest to have birthday events inside during the summer because of the heat. That may be true, but Miami also has a great nightlife that heats up when the sun goes down. There are many ways to celebrate both inside and outside that will leave everyone feeling comfortable and entertained.

Go Sing
You and your friends can have a great time at one of the PlugIN Private Karaoke Rooms. There are 18 private rooms available Gulfstream Park location and all come equipped with hi-tech electronics like flat screen TV’s, microphones and 35,000 songs in their digital selection.

Walk The Wharf
The Wharf is a boardwalk suited for fun with an open air space spanning 30,000 square feet. It has a festival atmosphere with bars, lawn games, and a covered lounge where you can listen to music and watch boats and yachts pass by.

Go Skating
You can bring back your dancing moves at the Super Wheels Skating Center. This Kendall arena books private parties, but also offers adult skate nights for those who don’t want the commitment of booking. It features both old and new music so you can skate the night away.

Plan a Party
One of the first things to consider when party planning is catering. Food is important for any event, but can be really important when you’re planning a birthday or surprise party event. You want the guest of honor to have all their favorites, but also want guests to enjoy it no matter what dietary restrictions they may have in place.

The best food option for birthday and surprise parties is kosher catering in Miami. With our food and services, you will have elegant tasty food that everyone can eat without sacrificing a dietary restriction.

Variety of Foods
One of the biggest factors in having a successful party is to have a variety of foods that please everyone. We offer unique items, ranging from appetizers to desserts, that will have your guests salivating when they receive your invitation.

Our menu includes things like sushi, steak, and lots of vegetable options. Everything is uniquely presented and offers flavors many of your guests have never had before. Our staff is readily available to discuss your specific needs and can also customize a menu to meet your exact needs. We are capable of providing for both small and large parties and provide the same excellent service to all clients, regardless of size or scope.

Venue Rental
Those seeking a kosher venue rental in Miami have three options with our company. Each restaurant has a different menu and feel, so there is a range of decisions to offer. All three offer the best of kosher catering in South Florida, so you will be well taken care of regardless of the option you choose.

Rustiko, located on Harding Avenue, celebrates modern hippie styling. It has a casual menu that includes pasta and pizza. It has some excellent fish on its menu and its known for its tea cocktails like its Detox, which consists of pineapple coulis, mint, cucumber and green tea. It also has homemade desserts and can provide food for your event whether it is a breakfast, lunch or evening function. It is open seven days a week, so scheduling is a breeze.

Kosh Miami is a contemporary styled kosher restaurant that features upscale trendy grilled food that is a mix of traditional and Asian delights. It offers some classic favorites like duck tamarind and ribeye. Those who love seafood will enjoy their sea bass and three-pepper tuna steak. It offers a wide selection of sushi, from classic rolls to tempura and cooked rolls and Asian appetizers such as tuna bites and usuzukuri, which is salmon with jalapeno and hamachi served with a yuzu-ponzu sauce. A global wine list makes an evening at this kosher restaurant rental in Miami special.

Fresko is the place to go for those seeking kosher catering in Aventura. Located in the Concord Plaza off of Northeast 29th Avenue, Fresko is an exotic kosher dairy restaurant known for its breakfast and lunch options. However, it is also open at night. Their menu is mix of Mediterranean, Latin and Asia techniques and influences. They have also built a solid reputation for the smoothies and infused drink options.

Fresko’s catering menu includes appetizers, pasta, sushi and party plates. It also has a selection of homemade cakes available, making for the perfect finale for a birthday party.

Miami is a great place to celebrate a birthday. It is a vibrant city with all types of activities available both day and night. All it takes is some planning to bring all your options together to ensure it is a great celebration for all.

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