Planning a Catered Birthday Party in Miami

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Celebrate your birthday, we’ll do the cooking!

Are you planning a special event for a loved one’s birthday? Take some of the stress out of party planning by having the event catered! Having someone else do the food preparation will leave you free to plan the fun stuff. Does your party of family and friends have special dietary needs? Look no further than Kosher Miami Catering.

Our Services

The company has provided kosher catering services to the Miami and South Florida areas since 2012, and offers a variety of menus to choose from. Working with three partner restaurants, dairies and food suppliers, Kosher Catering Miami is able to deliver great taste with exemplary service. Based in Aventura, Florida, Kosher Catering Miami can provide Kosher Catering to South Florida based events with ease.

Why Cater?

You’ll want your loved one’s birthday party to be a grand success, and having the event catered will help. Hiring a professional and experienced catering service will ensure that great food is available, and that it meets the dietary requirements of all who attend. Planning a birthday party is fun, but it is a lot of work. There are themes to consider, guest lists to make out, balloons and streamers to buy and trying to remember if Aunt Ida has a peanut allergy can end up being one detail too many.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the food when you decide to have the event catered. Let the professionals plan the menu, shop for groceries, and do all the cooking while you focus on decorating and entertainment.

Let us help!

Our experienced staff can take some of the load from your shoulders by taking the food out of your planning equation, allowing you to enjoy the party yourself. We have several different menus and offerings to choose from, much of which can be viewed online at your convenience. We will work with you to come up with the perfect menu for your birthday party. Orders can be altered up to 24 hours before the event, before the orders are sent to the restaurants. Our partners use only kosher certified ingredients and preparation techniques, guaranteed to be fresh and nutritious.

Beyond the food

Kosher Catering Miami offers a service that goes well beyond just the food. For those following specialized diets, finding a caterer who will adhere to kosher catering and dietary standards can be tricky. Not every caterer follows the strict guidelines of kosher diets, and not all are properly certified by governing boards and Rabbinic boards. Our services meet these requirements, and we proudly display our certifications.

We will also arrive early before the event and arrange the food in a visually appealing way, or we will leave it to your discretion. We give you absolute control in the presentation. We also arrange food in a fashion that ensures the dishes are easily accessed, and we handle the cleanup procedures. Simply show us where you would like everything arranged. If your birthday party is following a certain theme, let us know. We will work with you to ensure we keep with the theme.

You can enjoy the rest

When you have a birthday party catered for a loved one, removing the necessity of food planning from your “to do” list, it ensures that the party has delicious food and that you can mingle with your guests. Without catering services, ensuring the refreshments keep coming and that no dishes are left empty will be left up to you, meaning you have less time to visit with family and friends yourself during the event. You will have extra time and energy to devote to decorating and presents, and when the event is over, you won’t be left cleaning up until the wee hours of dawn.

Staying on budget

Everyone is concerned about finances these days, and we understand the needs of some families to stay within a budget. We believe our services will certainly exceed your expectations, but we also will ensure that we stay within the budget you set, and that no surprise expenses cause your event to end up being more than you expected. During the planning stages, we will sit down with you to go over the menu, break down everything into an itemized list so that you might see what everything costs and help you make the right and most affordable choices for your event.

Contact us today

As you can see, catering is certainly the way to go when planning a big event, especially for a large group of people who follow a specialized kosher diet. Regardless of what kind of birthday party you are planning, having the event catered will ensure that the food and refreshments will be of stellar quality and tasty as well. No doubt your friends and family will be quite impressed with our menu, and your loved one’s party will be talked about years from now. The best part about all of this? The only thing you will have to do about the food is bring the cake.

Kosher Miami Catering can be reached at this link. If you have questions about the providers we work with, please visit the websites of The New Kosh Miami, Rustiko, and Fresko to learn more about their qualifications and certifications in kosher diet and menu planning. We have no doubt you will be most satisfied with our service.

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