Shabbos: the Pinnacle of the Week

Shabbos is the high point of every week. After six hectic days of work and school, it is time to stop and spend a joyous day with the Creator. Dressed in Shabbos finery, family and friends join together to pray and enjoy meals fit for royalty. For on this holy day, Jews are indeed royal. On Shabbos, we acknowledge and celebrate the fact that we are the children of the King of the universe.

Kosher Catering South Florida: an Ideal Choice
There is a fitting way to fulfill the mitzvah of honoring Shabbos with food and drink: turning to a caterer specializing in sumptuous dishes prepared under strict supervision. People in south Florida are fortunate to have kosher catering Miami style. Whether the occasion is an extended family gathering, a special event with friends, members of the shul, and/or associates, or a desire to have an elegant Shabbos meal without spending hours in the kitchen, the experts at Kosher Miami Catering will ensure a memorable experience. No matter how many guests will attend your Shabbos table or your budget, the caterers will help you plan an exceptional dining experience in the location of your choice.

A Menu to Suit Everyone’s Tastes
Once Kiddush is recited and guests sit down, the feast begins. There is an attractive choice of delectable salads to start off the festive meal: Caesar salad with a light homemade dressing, Asian chicken salad topped off with crisp wontons and ginger sesame dressing, and more. Traditional and cooked sushi rolls and Asian appetizers like crispy spicy tuna and usuzukuri (thinly sliced salmon and hamachi with jalapeno and yuzu-ponzu sauce) add a varied touch to the minhag of serving fish as a first course.

And, since a Shabbos meal is not complete without soup, guests have a choice of miso, cream of mushroom and, of course, chicken soup. A variety of entrees will please every palate. Tamarind duck, boneless chicken, beef ragu linguini, and lamb chops are only some of the main courses—all accompanied by mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables, sweet potatoes, or other sides of your choice.

The Conclusion of the Feast
When participants have completed the Shabbos meal, it is time to praise the Creator for His many gifts: Shabbos, the food we eat, and the loving-kindness He bestows on us at all times. As guests return home, everyone is sure to take away fond memories of a superb meal provided by Kosher Miami Catering.

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