Tips for Planning a Catered Business Meeting

Tips for Planning a Catered Business Meeting | Kosher Catering Miami

How to Make Sure Your Catered Business Meeting is a Success
Business meetings are a great opportunity for colleagues to enjoy time together to discuss important goals. When a business meeting is called, participants always want to put their best feet forward to not only make good impressions but also contribute valuable information to the others in the room. One way to ensure business meetings go off without a hitch is to hire a catering company so the food and beverages are taken care of and everyone involved in the meeting can relax and give a hundred percent to the business tasks at hand. Kosher Catering Miami is a Florida institution caters at your place of business or one of three upscale locations. After a catering company has been chosen for the business meeting, the next questions to be answered is: breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Or will the business meeting be better served by having just appetizers? Should the business meeting be held at the office or at an outside venue? Here are some tips for keeping all the meeting attendees content.

Having Breakfast Catered for the Business Meeting
There are several reasons why breakfast might be the best option for a business meeting. For starters, employees are often at their sharpest in the mornings. This also might be the most convenient time to meet with days otherwise filled with office responsibilities. In a case like this, having a catered business meeting in your Miami-area office may be ideal. Kosher Catering Miami offers catered breakfast items from Fresko Miami, with choices ranging from the classic bagels and lox to yogurt bowls and freshly made muffins. Having hot coffee for a morning business meeting is a must, and offering an array of juices and smoothies is a perfect start to a business day. For a hearty, traditional breakfast to go along with your meeting, ask your caterer about kosher bourekas, omelets, and fruit salads.

The Catered Business Lunch
Having a catered business lunch is an excellent idea for businesses that need to take time away from the office and gather in an alternate space. There are beautiful venues that are perfect for having a business lunch, including Rusitko Miami, an Italian-inspired venue with kosher catering. If Italian isn’t the office favorite,
Kosher Catering Miami offers two other exquisite venues in the South Florida area. The planners at Kosher Miami Catering will plan the perfect menu for your business lunch in an aesthetically pleasing and professional venue. Catered business lunches should always include salads, as well as non-vegetarian options for traditional eaters. Kosher Catering Miami customizes catered lunch menus according to each business’s unique needs. Best practices for catered lunch meetings include serving light items like sandwiches with vegetable sides and offering plenty of choices for the health-conscious. Soft drinks and bottled waters are always welcomed by lunch meeting attendees, and having something sweet at the end will give the meeting-goers something to take with them and end the meeting on an upbeat note.

Ideas for the Catered Business Dinner
Traditionalists will swear by the steak dinner, and this is an especially tried-and-true plan when calling a dinner meeting to impress. Kosh Miami is a Japanese fusion restaurant and kosher venue rental in South Florida. If a freshly grilled top-cut signature steak dinner isn’t appropriate for your business meeting, Kosh also offers an inspiring assortment of Japanese dishes including sushi, sashimi, and other seafood plates, in addition to Asian appetizers for every palate: edamame, truffle tuna bites, and lobster tails. There are also vegetarian options. Choosing a specialized catering menu for your dinner business meeting, taking into careful consideration the likes and preferences of the guests, is a great way to make sure the meeting is productive and meaningful.

Checklist of Everything You Need for Your Catered Business Meeting
Planning a business meeting can be stressful, but your catering company is there to help ensure the meeting is a success. Business meeting attendees have a lot on their minds and worrying about the food, beverages, and venue should never be on the list of worries. Whether you’re looking for catering for your business meeting at your office or searching for a kosher restaurant rental in the Miami area, calling Kosher Catering Miami and getting professional advice and a customized catered menu for your meeting is a surefire way to stop stress before it happens. After you’ve decided the time of the meeting, the meal to be served, and the venue where the meeting will happen, the only thing left to do is enjoy the meeting and break bread among colleagues. The kosher catering you’ve ordered for your meeting is sure to be a hit and will make business partners and coworkers wondering when the next business meeting invite from your company will arrive on their calendars. Give Kosher Catering Miami a call today to make sure all of your business catering needs are taken care of for you.

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