Wedding Planning in Miami with Kosher Catering

Between the stomping of the glass and the Birkat Hamazon, there are many details that need to be sorted. The location of the reception needs to be settled. You’ll need to come up with a seating plan. And what about the food? Is there anything more important to the guests at a Kosher wedding than the S’eudat Mitzvah? Luckily, Kosher Miami Catering can help you sort through all the details, traditions, timing, and most importantly, the food!

The Venue
Having a wedding in Miami opens up so many possibilities for stunning over the top reception locales. You might consider one of Kosher Miami Catering’s restaurant locations as the backdrop for your South Florida Kosher Catering. For example, their sushi grill Kosh is available for events and the modern style and neutral tones make a great canvas for your reception vision. Alternatively, Kosh’s sister restaurant, Rustiko offers what is self-described as a hippie chic decor. If you want your friends and family to celebrate this momentous occasion with you in a relaxed, bohemian but stylish atmosphere, Rustiko might be the place for you. If you already have a reception location in mind, Kosher Miami Catering can handle all of you off-site needs as well.

The Food
With three restaurants and an army of highly qualified event specialists with South Florida Kosher Catering experience, Kosher Miami Catering is set to help you plan the perfect kosher menu for your big day. You have options that range from sushi and tapas to plates with Italian and Mediterranean flair. You can get creative, have fun, and still stay within the guidelines of strict Judaic tradition. From the first hors-d’oeuvre to the last bite of dessert, your guests will be impressed with what Kosher Miami Catering brings to the table.

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